Colorado Cannabis Companies Circumventing Ad Restrictions by Adopting Highways

It’s quite the conundrum in our ad-heavy society, keeping kids away from certain commercial messaging. In many states, cannabis companies are particularly censored in this regard. Colorado is one of them. In the first state to legalize recreational cannabis, such companies are banned from TV, radio, and print ads to which minors could be exposed. Social media is a bit of a minefield for hopeful cannabis advertisers to traverse. Many kinds of outdoor advertising have also been banned. 

But for years, the state’s cannabis brands have found a workaround. 

Colorado is home to some 280 highway cleanup sponsorship signs. The biggest sponsor, by far, is cannabis. On 66 percent of all markers announcing the company that paid to have a certain stretch of the road cleaned, there is the name of a cannabis company. That’s 198 miles of road, sponsored by 51 companies. In many cases, the signs are located near off-ramps, so if someone has a sudden hankering to visit a dispensary, they’re in luck. 

The Colorado Department of Transportation says that the signs are not intended to be used as advertising resources. 

“It’s pretty incredible how many stretches of mile of highway are being cleaned right now,” said

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