Colorado Mother Given Jail Time After Accidental Death of Son –

A Colorado mother has received a jail sentence after the unfortunate and tragic death of her son outside of a marijuana dispensary in Colorado.

What Happened to the Colorado Woman’s Son?

The incident took place July 6, 2021 outside of a marijuana dispensary in Manitou Springs, Colorado. The dispensary is known as Maggie’s Farm Marijuana Dispensary and is located at 141 Manitou Ave, Manitou Springs, CO 80829.

According to reports, 26-year-old Ashlynne Perez was in her vehicle while her husband, Carlos was inside the dispensary shopping.

What happened next is nothing short of a tragedy.

Apparently, it was while Ashlynne was inside the car with her 4-year-old son that the young boy took off his seatbelt, got out of his car seat, crawled up into the center console of the couple’s vehicle and grabbed a gun that was sitting in the said center console and accidentally pulled the trigger, killing the boy instantly.

What is Going to Happen to the Colorado Parents?

Following the tragic incident, the boy’s father that was inside the store at the time of the accident was charged with child abuse resulting in death, a charge that was eventually dropped.

However, things aren’t looking as well for Ashlynne. The mother of the deceased boy plead

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