Columbus’ first medical marijuana dispensary licensed – The Dispatch – The Commercial Dispatch

Future location of Wild Flower LLC (small suite on the right), a cannabis dispensary business. The store is located next door to owner Nicole Huff’s other business, Southern Flour Bakery. Grant McLaughlin/Dispatch Staff

After suffering severe back pain from a past car wreck injury, Nicole Huff, owner of Southern Flour Bakery at 1920 Highway 45 N., discovered the medicinal properties of marijuana after obtaining a Missouri medical marijuana card in 2020.

“I got a medical card and I was kind of apprehensive about that,” Huff said. “But it worked. I slept all night. I wasn’t crying. I wasn’t hurting.”

Now, Huff has Mississippi’s stamp of approval to expand her personal experience into a business venture.

Huff’s state-issued dispensary license was approved Tuesday afternoon, only 13 days after she finalized her application with the Mississippi Department of Revenue, which began accepting applications on July 5. It is the first dispensary approved in Columbus.

The new business, Wildflower LLC, will be located next door to Huff’s bakery in the North Gate Plaza. With the dispensary, Huff hopes to provide relief and care to her Columbus community.

“A lot of people that have certain illnesses, they do need it or the

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