Committee created for marijuana dispensary ordinance in Ludington –

Ludington City Council voted 4-3 to create an ad hoc committee to craft local regulations allowing for marijuana dispensaries in the city limits at its meeting Monday.

The regulations, which could determine things like where dispensaries can be placed and how many there can be, would require the council’s approval to become law.

A roster of members nominated to the ad hoc committee, set to be made up of councilors and planning commissioners, will be reviewed at the next meeting on April 25.

The council’s vote followed 45 minutes of public comment on the issue and a half hour of council discussion. Few seats were empty in the council chamber.

Councilors John Terzano, Cheri Stibitz, Wally Cain and John Bulger voted in favor of establishing the committee. Councilors Ted May, Kathy Winczewski and Les Johnson voted against.

The city prohibited all dispensaries — recreational and medical — shortly after Michigan voters legalized recreational marijuana in 2018. That is often referred to as “opting out,” as communities had a period of time to pass ordinances effectively opting out of the legalization of dispensaries.

Councilors voted the next year to uphold the ban, largely preferring to wait for clarified regulations and see how opt-in communities fared,

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