Condo association fighting Story Dispensary reloads for another Hoboken Planning Board hearing –

As the controversial Story Dispensary recreational cannabis application heads to its fifth planning board hearing, a group determined to block it says it has discovered troubling details about the business’ lease — including who holds it and who holds options to purchase the property.

In an Oct. 28 letter sent to the board — which Story’s attorney describes as “wildly off-base” — the condominium association at 51-53 14th Street, where the business would be located, says that Aaron Epstein, contracted by the dispensary to provide management services, has leased the ground floor of the building and will sublet it to the dispensary.

The 51-53 14th Street Condominium Association says this contradicts what Epstein previously testified as to the extent of his involvement in the business. The letter points out that LLC designated as the lessee is listed with the address of a property owned by Epstein.

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