Connecticut Lawmakers Advance Bills for Marijuana Law Reform

Connecticut lawmakers have advanced bills to reform the state’s marijuana laws, with a bill that would legalize possession of small amounts of cannabis receiving approval from the legislature’s Judiciary Committee on Monday. And late last month, the General Law Committee voted in favor of a separate bill that would legalize and regulate the cultivation, production, and sale of recreational cannabis. Another bill to levy and distribute taxes on a legal cannabis industry is pending before the Finance, Revenue, and Bonding Committee.

On Monday, the Judiciary Committee voted 21-19 to approve Senate Bill 1085, with all Republican members and three Democrats voting against the measure. If passed, the bill would legalize possession of up to one-and-a-half ounces of weed or five grams of concentrates and allow for the expungement of some marijuana convictions.

Calling for passage of the bill, Sen. Dennis Bradley noted that cannabis prohibition laws are not enforced equally.

“Marijuana is in every single community – white, black, brown,” said Bradley. “It’s in every single level of our community. It’s with affluent people. It’s with people who are impoverished. We have to be real about where we’re living today.”

“It was a racist initiative, and we need to put an

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