Cannabis Retail Boutique Charges City Is Intentionally Harming It by Preventing Opening Without Just Cause

COSTA MESA, Calif., Nov. 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — High Seas, a premier cannabis boutique, has filed a Writ of Mandate against Costa Mesa to compel the city to allow the dispensary to open its doors. This delay is costing High Seas well over $110,000 per month in fees, including retaining several highly valued employees on salary.

To date, the city has not provided High Seas any legitimate reason in writing as to why they are withholding the final permit issuance.

The High Seas dispensary has been prepared to open its doors to the public since Sept. 26, 2023, solely awaiting the receipt of its cannabis business permit to commence operations. Having spent over $10 million to purchase and improve the building, and parking lot, and upgrading the interior infrastructure, High Seas alleges Costa Mesa is withholding its permit without just cause. Following a rigorous two-year application process that included successfully securing a state cannabis business license, a city business license, and a conditional use permit through a public hearing; obtaining a building permit; and completing all city inspections—including fire, building, planning, CID, and a

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