Could Medical Cannabis Help ADHD Patients Struggling With Prescription Meds?

Two patients who suffered side effects with conventional medicine speak out.

Paul had just sat for his ‘A’ levels when he was diagnosed with ADHD, and was immediately put on conventional medicine. But the 18-year-old suddenly became extremely anxious, felt continuously nauseous and grew emotionally inept.

“I could not sleep at all, and when I tried to socialise, I felt like a robot. The side effects were horrible – my creativity was that of a potato,” he told Times of Malta. “I knew I needed to be weaned off the drugs, and when I was swapped to medicinal cannabis, I could finally manage my ADHD symptoms for the first time in my life,” said Paul, now aged 24.

He went on to earn top marks for his bachelor’s degree thesis, eventually enrolling for a master’s degree.

– Read the entire article at Times of Malta.

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