Council hears proposal for medical marijuana growers, dispensary placement – Picayune Item – Picayune Item

A modified opt-in plan of action concerning medical marijuana was discussed this week by the Pearl River County Board of Supervisors and the Picayune City Council.

During Monday’s special call meeting of the Board, County Administrator Adrain Lumpkin proposed the option of the county only opting in to allow the growing of medical marijuana while working with representatives of the two cities for them to allow dispensaries, but opt out of growing. The county would opt out of allowing dispensaries outside of city limits under the proposed plan.

Lumpkin then presented a detailed plan of that option to the City Council during a special call meeting held Thursday evening.

In that plan, Lumpkin showed the available lots within the city limits were medical marijuana could be grown and the available areas where a distribution center could be established within those same limits.

Going off of tax records only, a map was formed to show the locations where both of those operations would not be allowed to due to the current presence of a school, church or day care. State law prohibits a grow site and dispensary from being located within 1,000 feet from any of those locations. Additionally,

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