Council in Brighton, Colorado, Will Vote on Marijuana Dispensary Sales – Westword

Brighton could be the next town in metro Denver to allow commercial marijuana sales, but the Brighton City Council is still shaping the rules.

Councilmembers approved an ordinance allowing medical and recreational marijuana sales on first reading last October, according to the Brighton Standard Blade, but the second and final reading was shelved until after the November 2023 election so that four new councilmembers could take office. The postponed hearing and vote are now set to occur on Tuesday, February 6, but the ordinance in front of the council will look different from the earlier version.

Like the original measure, the current proposal would allow four dispensaries within Brighton, which has a population of a little over 40,000 people. Two of those dispensary licenses would be reserved for business owners who qualify for a social equity designation; requirements include having grown up or lived in an economically disadvantage area, having a limited income, or having been charged for a marijuana-related crime in the past. Marijuana growing operations, extraction facilities and infused product manufacturers would not be allowed to operate within Brighton.

Unlike the initial draft, however, the measure headed for a vote next week would expand the areas in which marijuana sales

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