Council Vote on 3rd Danville Dispensary Set for Tues night; Seven Point CEO Says It’s Unfair to Those Already … – Vermilion County First

A Danville City Council vote on Mariworks, LLC out of Chicago setting up a nuEra cannabis dispensary south of the I-74 – Lynch Road interchange is scheduled for Tuesday (June 18th) evening’s Council meeting.  It was back on June 6th that the Danville Planning and Zoning Commission voted to send the project to the full Council with a positive recommendation.

It was last year that Mariworks was turned down by the Planning and Zoning Commission on a dispensary plan on the west side of Lynch Road, north of I-74; with the main issue being concern about too many dispensaries in one general area.  At that time, Sunnyside already existed on the east side of Lynch; and Seven Point of Illinois, now open, had been approved for the west side of Lynch.

This time, however, besides a different location; Mariworks’ plan includes a Casey’s Truck Stop; with Casey’s contributing to the cost of establishing the brand new infrastructure that would be needed in that area.  The plan calls for other future businesses to be included as well.

Seven Point of Illinois CEO Brad Zerman, shown displaying some products just prior to Seven Point’s opening; says considering a third dispensary in

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