Country's first cannabis dispensary opens for education, medicinal purposes – Nation Thailand

The cultivation facility in Nan is a closed system that allows for complete control over nutrients, carbon dioxide essential for photosynthesis, and light control, which is essential to ensure that medical grade cannabis is harvested and stored free of contaminants, fungi, carcinogens or insects, he said.

The collaboration has resulted in development of 15 high-quality cannabis strains with FDA approval, Jakkrit said.

“We have received FDA certification, including FDA approval for the import of up to 398 seeds from 41 cannabis strains, which means we have the opportunity to release more medical-grade cannabis strains,” he said.

Jakkrit insisted that all KANA products are certified under Central Lab standards.

Meanwhile, Prab acknowledged that he does not expect much sales from the dispensary initially, except for brand awareness.

The company is collaborating with the Department of Thai Traditional and Alternative Medicine under the Public Health Ministry to develop cannabis for medical treatment.
Prab also announced a plan to launch the first KANA Wellness Clinic in the third quarter this year, in line with a rising health trend and emerging cannabis market.

The clinic intends to be a place where cannabis can be administered directly as an alternative medicine under the close

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