Court Decision Stops First Weed Dispensary From Opening In Hoboken – Patch

HOBOKEN, NJ — The members of the Hoboken City Council agreed on one thing in early 2022 — they needed more restrictions for new cannabis dispensaries opening in Hoboken.

In a meeting in March of 2022, they approved a limit on new dispensaries, saying only six could open in the mile-square city at most. They also agreed that dispensaries shouldn’t be within 600 feet of a school (a difficult rule to meet, though, considering there are more than a dozen schools in one square mile).

At the time, the business owners and city officials noted that it was unclear whether dispensaries that had already gotten approval from the city’s Cannabis Review Board, but not other boards — businesses that had already spent time and money to apply to open — would be “grandfathered in.”

Last month, just a few weeks shy of opening, a local microdispensary, Blue Violets, found out they’d lost a court case to open.

The owners of the dispensary, a Weehawken couple, came to Hoboken’s City Council meeting a week ago Wednesday and said they will still fight to open, but it may be harder now. They also disputed misleading information about dispensaries (see a video of the meeting,

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