Covid Brain Fog And CBD — Can CBD Oil Help Covid-19 Patients Recover Their Wits?

Have you heard of “Covid brain fog?” It seems as if some new and frightening symptom arises on an almost weekly basis during this pandemic. However, CBD might be ideally suited to treat this particular newly identified symptom of Covid-19.

So what exactly is Covid brain fog? In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, survivors of the insidious disease are facing symptoms of on-going cognitive impairment including confusion, dizziness, and memory loss. This disease has recently been dubbed “Covid brain fog.”

Everyone past a certain age will experience “senior” moments. It’s common to find oneself mentally grasping for a word or name or forgetting the reason you walked into a room. However, this post-Covid condition has serious implications, far beyond garden-variety memory glitches experienced in later life.

The term for survivors with lingering symptoms is “long-haulers” — an apt name for the phenomenon.

Some medical professionals theorize Covid brain fog is due to inflammation of the blood vessels in the brain. Dr. Serena Spudich, chief of neurological infections and global neurology at Yale School of Medicine believes inflammatory molecules, releasing an invasive….

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