Cultivator Strained By Dispensary Delays | News, Sports, Jobs – Jamestown Post Journal

Pictured is Kerry Trammel, owner of Releaf Market in Jamestown. Trammel is a licensed cultivator in the cannabis industry who views the industry as a way to grow the local business community. Submitted photo

The cannabis cultivation industry is hoping that the state will act quickly to approve dispensaries to reduce the “strain” currently being placed on cannabis cultivators.

Kerry Trammel, owner of the Releaf Market in Jamestown, is a licensed cultivator in the industry. She explained that the state’s slow process for licensing dispensaries has created challenges for cultivators.

“The slow rollout of the dispensaries and things has put a lot of strain on the cultivators,” she said. “I’m really hoping that the litigation that’s in the works now will hopefully hurry up and get that taken care of so western New York can get a dispensary.”

While the state’s delays have impacted her cultivation business, Trammel said she anticipates multiple dispensaries will be opened in the state by the end of the month. Trammel added that she recently spoke to a dispensary in Manhattan that is just awaiting final approval from the state before opening its doors for business.


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