Danville considering allowing cannabis dispensaries citywide with … – Danville Commercial News

DANVILLE — Aldermen continued talks Tuesday night about moving away from limiting cannabis dispensaries to only the Lynch Road area and allowing them citywide.

The Danville City Council’s Public Services Committee discussed an amendment to Chapter 150, the city’s zoning ordinance, on medicinal/adult-use cannabis.

Aldermen previously requested Community Development Administrator Logan Cronk bring back the proposed zoning ordinance cannabis dispensary change.

Currently a dispensary in Danville needs a special-use permit and can’t locate within 2,640 feet of residential zoning or 1,000 feet of a school or childcare facility. There is no distance requirement of a dispensary from a place of worship and there is no maximum number of dispensaries allowed in the city.

In a comparison with five other cities, Cronk said special-use permits for dispensaries are required in one district in Urbana, in Bloomington, conditionally in East Peoria and Peoria, and not in Champaign. Distance away from childcare and schools: 2,500 feet in Urbana, act regulation in Champaign, 500 feet in Bloomington, 1,000 feet in East Peoria and 500 feet in Peoria. There are no distance requirements from places of worship in any of the cities except 500 feet in Peoria.

There are no distance requirements for dispensaries from residential zoning in East

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