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Rhode Island is on the verge of becoming the 19th state to legalize adult-use cannabis as legislation is expected to receive floor consideration in each chamber of the state’s bicameral Legislature next week.

The momentum on reform comes after state Sen. Joshua Miller and Rep. Scott A. Slater—both Democrats—added a key amendment to their companion bills May 17.

RELTED: Rhode Island Senate, House Lawmakers Align on Cannabis Legalization; Votes Expected

The next day, Senate Judiciary Committee members voted, 9-1, to advance Senate Bill 2430 Substitute A, sponsored by Miller, and House Finance Committee members voted, 12-2, to pass House Bill 7593 Substitute A, sponsored by Slater. The identical bills—the Rhode Island Cannabis Act—now head to their respective chambers with full-body votes expected May 24.

Before the Senate Judiciary Committee vote on May 18, Miller stressed the significance of having both chambers on the same page.

“We are fortunate to not only to have such great staff but be in the position to have identical bills,” he said. “I’ve been doing this for several years, as all of you know, and this is the first year in which we’ve had collaborative and identical bills before both the

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