Déjà VU SD awarded first cannabis dispensary certification in Spearfish – Black Hills Pioneer

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SPEARFISH — The one, and only, medical marijuana dispensary license is slated to be presented to Déjà VU SD LLC. registered to Char Gamble of Spearfish.

“We’re looking forward to having the opportunity to work with Spearfish and the communities to start up, and be able to serve patients in this area and provide great resources and education for folks as this emerging market happens in South Dakota,” Gamble said after Monday’s Spearfish City Council meeting.

In addition to the dispensary, Gamble also runs Emerald Consulting in Spearfish, which she started in January to help guide South Dakotans as they navigate through the licensing process.

“Dispensary, cultivation, manufacturing, we specialize in all that and helping folks get their applications done so they can get licensed in South Dakota,” she said.

The business was one of three that applied: the others being Northern Hills Cannabis Care, and From the Hills LLC, which filed two separate applications to be considered.

During the meeting, Spearfish Finance Officer Michelle De Neui placed the four names in a container from which three names were

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