Delta-8 is gaining in popularity in the Richmond area as an alternative to marijuana, but is it safe? – Bristol Herald Courier


The Dispensary store in Richmond for Delta-8 and Delta-10 THC products in Richmond

On a recent Friday night at Main Line Brewery, a rock band played on stage, people were dancing and drinking, and the skunky scent of marijuana was in the air. The lead singer joked that she was going to get a contact high from the several people who were smoking identical tightly rolled cigars.

A tent set up outside the brewery was selling the cigars and other products, where saleswomen spoke in terms long associated with cannabis: “indica,” “sativa,” “body high,” “munchies.”

Customers lit the $15 blunts on site, while others wondered: Is this legal? And is it a glimpse into Virginia’s future, which is on the path to legal recreational marijuana sales in a couple of years?

Shannon Garcia, co-assistant manager, and Anthony Gregory, owner of The Dispensary in Richmond, fulfill an order of delta-8 flower. The Gelato strain (below) is displayed at the shop. Gregory opened a second location at 10338 Iron Bridge Road in Chesterfield County.

Daniel Sangjib Min/TIMES-DISPATCH

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