Denver Dispensaries Hit by Multiple Burglary Attempts – Westword

Two different break-ins and robbery attempts left the Herbal Cure with broken garage doors, a destroyed fish tank and $50,000 in overall damage by early Monday, February 5, but the store is up and running again.

The longtime marijuana dispensary at 985 South Logan Street was first broken into at approximately 7:30 a.m. on Saturday, February 3, according to general manager Mike Marlow. Only around $200 worth of low-dose edibles was stolen, he says, but the thieves caused plenty of damage to the store before leaving.

Surveillance video taken at the Herbal Cure shows three people ripping out computer monitors and cash registers in hopes of finding cash inside. Footage also shows them leaving with boxes full of retail marijuana packaging, but Marlow says the packages were for display purposes and contained no product.

After damaging the recreational shopping area and waiting room, one of the men who broke into the store smashed a hole into the Herbal Cure’s 250-gallon freshwater fish tank. Just enough water was left in the tank for the fish to survive, Marlow says, but a heater on the tank fell during the damage and began melting plastic, poisoning and killing fish in the process.

The fish tank in

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