Denver limits number of marijuana businesses in certain areas – KUSA

New businesses will not be allowed to open up shop in a handful of neighborhoods around Denver.

DENVER — In a city with more dispensaries than Starbucks, certain spots have all the weed.  

“Anywhere you go in Denver, you’re not farther away than a block or two from finding a dispensary at this time,” said Eric Escudero with the Denver Department of Excise and Licenses. “There are some neighborhoods where it’s known that there are a lot of marijuana businesses.”

Every year, the Denver Department of Excise and Licenses puts out a list of neighborhoods that can no longer add more dispensaries or grow facilities.

“We want to make sure and protect neighborhoods of historical significance. So they don’t change. So they don’t turn into just a place that has lots of marijuana businesses,” Escudero said. 

The city put out the following list for 2024, meaning, “no new store locations can open in any of these neighborhoods, and no store can transfer its location into any of these neighborhoods.”

Overland: 13 locationsNortheast Park Hill: 11 locationsBaker: 10 locationsFive Points: 10 locationsMontbello: 8 locationsValverde: 8 locations


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