Depew retailer plans to become an adult-use cannabis dispensary –

DEPEW, N.Y. — A vape shop in Depew is rebranding and focusing on becoming an adult-use cannabis dispensary and on-site consumption lounge.

The Helpful Café, formerly the Cloud Chasers vape shop, has a vapor and hemp license through the state, but is moving away from nicotine and further into cannabis. The store, at Broadway and Bellevue Avenue in Depew, is owned and operated by husband and wife, Michelle Troyer, CEO, and Thomas Snider, COO.

“It’s a weird time for us right now,” Snider said. “We still are selling to smokers looking to transition from regular cigarettes to a less harmful alternative, like vapor or cannabinoid products, but we’re not going to renew the vapor license at the end of the year.”

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