Des Peres Location Unsuitable For Proposed Cannabis Dispensary – Webster-Kirkwood Times, Inc.

I strongly oppose locating the proposed medical marijuana dispensary in Des Peres in the targeted neighborhood shopping center for two very important reasons. 

First, nearly all of the more than 40 family-friendly businesses already in the shopping center do not support this. Second, it would be located just 45 feet from an established and popular after-school mathematics instructional center for K-12 kids. 

Des Peres ordinances prohibit the operation of medical marijuana within 1,000  feet of any school or daycare  center. While some have suggested that the Mathnasium may not qualify as a school by the letter of the law, it most certainly functions as an after-school educational center that helps kids from local schools learn their math curriculum and become more successful. This location violates the spirit of the law and should not be tolerated. 

Further, parents like me are uncomfortable leaving our kids so close to a business that will interfere with their education by exposing them unnecessarily and prematurely to adult concerns they cannot process and understand. 

Amazingly, the proponents of this proposed dispensary claim that there would be no increase in crime based on their past experiences at other locations. The real crime would be to put the interests

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