Designing a dispensary with Urban Gro: Lazy River, Massachusetts – Building Design

Legislation changes regarding cannabis use in the United States have opened up a new market for design and build service, Urban-Gro.

The global company offers a range of services and serves a wide variety of sectors, including the Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) industry.

Highly regulated by the state, cultivation facilities and retail dispensaries must meet strict regulatory, energy and water quality requirements, making them a challenging endeavour.

In traditional retail spaces, visitors have the opportunity to window shop. However, similar to laws monitoring the display of tobacco products in the United Kingdom, US regulations stipulate that dispensaries must not display items on sale, creating a unique shopping experience.

According to Sam Agras, EVP of business development at Urban-Gro: “There are a number of design techniques to draw shoppers in without going against those regulations.”

Whether that arrives in the form of catalogues, interactive touch screens or additional staff on hand is down to the individual client.

“It’s about creating the right environment for the end user and understanding what the client is looking for,” added Agras.

To date, 21 states have legalised the recreational use of cannabis, resulting in a large number

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