Detroit Psychedelic Church Raided by Police

Detroit Police last week raided the city’s first “psychedelic church,” operated by Soul Tribes, which offers psilocybin mushrooms as a holy sacrament, the Detroit Metro Times reports. The raid came days after the Metro Times published a cover story about the church. 

Owner Shaman Shu believes the raid violates Proposal E, which was approved by voters last year and decriminalized the possession of entheogenic plants and fungi, including psilocybin mushrooms, in the city. The church includes a “sacrament center” which sells dried psilocybin mushrooms, capsules, and gummies. 

According to a search warrant obtained by the Metro Times, the action included the seizure of all narcotics, including “psychedelic mushrooms” from the “illegal dispensary inside the purported church” along with “all books, records, receipts, notes, ledgers, and other papers relating to the procurement, distribution, storage, and transportation of controlled substances.” 

Shu told the Metro Times that officers seized more than $700,000 in psilocybin mushrooms intended for therapeutic use and ordered the church’s closure. Under Proposal E, therapeutic use of entheogenic plants and fungi was also decriminalized 

“They stole ancient sacrament. It was prayed over and meditated over. It’s a healing sacrament… They blocked my

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