DHSS releases new rule drafts for Missouri dispensaries — Greenway Magazine – Greenway

Today the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services Section for Medical Marijuana Regulation released new draft rules or proposed rule amendments for licensed medical marijuana dispensary operations in Missouri.

The drafts update the language of 19 CSR 30-95.080 Dispensary Facilities. Public feedback will be accepted until 11-18-2021.

Included in the updates are language that allows for the sale of clones of marijuana plants under 8” tall, a new requirement for a warning label at points of sale, and updated language regarding drive-through lanes at dispensary facilities.

Other key clarifications include changes to the policy on advertising for dispensaries and the addition of the term “telehealth” in wording restricting on-site certifications. Finally, the draft includes a new rule which would restrict dispensaries from selling any product that contains cannabinoids created through chemical conversion of other compounds.

While this doesn’t directly impact the legality of Delta-8 or Delta-10 products in Missouri as a whole, it will change the product offerings for some Missouri dispensaries that have been carrying those products.

The rules for sales of a clone are detailed and could present a hurdle for some dispensaries and patients – but the ability to procure clones at all

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