Did A Tennessee Senator Take A State Car To Buy Marijuana At An Illinois Dispensary?

Marijuana is still illegal in Tennessee for both medical and adult use. So what’s a state senator to do when they want a little weed?

One answer, apparently: Take a road trip to Illinois.

A photo posted to Twitter over the weekend shows what appears to be a Tennessee state Senate vehicle parked in front of a cannabis retail store in Illinois, which began legal recreational marijuana sales in January. While it’s perfectly legal in Illinois for anyone over 21 to purchase and consume cannabis products in the state, those protections end at the state line.

The photo has sparked frustration and some amusement among legalization supporters in Tennessee, who noted the irony of a lawmaker apparently taking a three-hour drive to a nearby state to obtain marijuana despite the legislature rejecting efforts to enact reform at home.

“If you guys are going to partake, and you can’t even…..


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