Dispensaries are busy for the first week of recreational marijuana … – kuna noticias y kuna radio

By Susan Raff and Evan Sobol

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    NEWINGTON, Connecticut (WFSB) — Sales of adult-use marijuana started this week and Connecticut dispensaries say they’ve been busy.

Seven dispensaries are now selling both medical weed and adult use, and many will soon be up and running.

Eyewitness News visited Fine Fettle in Newington.

Fine Fettle is what’s called a hybrid. They are selling both medicinal marijuana and adult-use.

The products are similar, except adult-use costs a lot more because of taxes.

Even in the middle of the day during the week, there’s no shortage of customers.

Fine fettle in Newington started selling adult-use cannabis this week. Gummies are popular, which dispensaries couldn’t sell to medical patients.

“Now that recreational they are allowing us to use it. They were trying to steer away from products that could be geared towards children which is why they didn’t allow the gummies,” said Khalib Netupski of Fine Fettle.

“It’s way overdue. This should have been 30 years ago. I don’t think people should be arrested for plants,” said Jacob Dumais of East Hartford.

The plan was to allow people to buy an ounce, but that’s been scaled back to a

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