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There’s no denying that San Diego has a lot to offer–incredible local eateries, rolling waves along pristine coastlines, wrap-around bays perfect for boating and paddleboarding, and rooftop pools designed for you to relax and get your tan on. What many don’t know is that this pretty city is also a haven for cannabis consumers, with over 23 cannabis dispensaries scattered through the county. Day smokers and late night tokers who reside in Mission Valley will be pleased to know that 6 of these local gems are within arms length of their humble abodes. 

Whether you are a resident of the valley or simply find yourself passing through, here’s a list of our favorite dispensaries in Mission Valley. 

Table of Contents The Best 6 Dispensaries Near Mission Valley

With ideal climate conditions for growing cannabis, it is no surprise that Southern California boasts tons of grow ops and dispensaries. Each weed dispensary Mission Valley presents has its own quirks and charms, offering diverse strains, brands, and products. Technically, none of the dispensaries on this list are open 24/7, though most of them open doors fairly early and stay open till late into the evening. We wrote

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