Dispensary Design Masters of 2022 – mg Magazine Cannabis News

When the cannabis industry began emerging from the shackles of prohibition in 1996 after more than half a century of raids and harsh punishment, licensed dispensary operators weren’t necessarily comfortable stepping out into the open. Between operators’ understandable urge to keep their heads down and patients’ concern about stoner stigma wreaking havoc on their personal and professional lives, dispensary designs were … let’s call them inconspicuous.

The industry has changed dramatically since then. Dispensaries no longer keep low profiles. In fact, some of the largest and most impressive figuratively shout their presence from their own rooftops. Fierce competition in the retail sector is reflected in interiors and exteriors that are bold and beautiful, displaying the kinds of design sensibility, attention to detail, and technology integration that create experiences, not just shopping opportunities.

Nowadays, cannabis dispensaries and retailers are more than just stores—they’re brands. From single-location shops to multistate chains, each building embodies the physical manifestation of a company’s mission and philosophy; its raison d’être.

Edificial brand faces are becoming more creative and elegant all the time thanks to architects and designers who have taken up the challenge of giving a once bedraggled industry a makeover. Many have decades of

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