Dispensary Licenses May Land on November Ballot in Tuckerton – The SandPaper

On June 20, Councilman Keith Vreeland opened Tuckerton Borough Council’s regular meeting with a cannabis proposition. Vreeland suggested council put cannabis dispensary licenses up to people’s vote.

“After much deliberation and research, I have decided the best route in deciding whether the Tuckerton borough should have any businesses related to cannabis is by allowing the residents to make the decision,” he said. “I recommend placing the question on the ballot for the Nov. 7 elections. I will only recommend allowing the vote for dispensary licenses.

“The land-use board is already reviewing locations for zoning and reviewing restrictions based on state guidelines and other municipalities. We will also be reviewing and releasing to the public, prior to the election, what we feel are the best locations for zoning. We plan on having ordinances and zoning ready, should the question be asked to allow dispensaries in the borough,” Vreeland elaborated.

He welcomed input from the public and registered business owners so borough voters could make an educated decision in November. Council members quickly responded to Vreeland’s proposal.

Councilman Brian Martin agreed with Vreeland on each count, though respecting all parties’ differing opinions.

“I do think the best course of action would be

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