Dispensary opens in Plaza Towers Center – Springfield Business Journal

Booked: Dreams From My Father

John Oke-Thomas, architect and owner of Oke-Thomas and Associates, says he recommends “Dreams From My Father” by Barak Obama. He says he is particularly struck by the former president’s dedication to make something better of himself.

Livestreaming in the Future

Barak Hill discusses what he sees as the future necessity of livestreaming events as a performer. He says that even without COVID, it was the future we are moving toward.

“That’s How My Dad Taught Me”

Steve Williams, longtime owner of Crosstown Barbeque, recounts how his dad taught him to cook his barbeque. Williams says the drive to learn is the most important thing.

Booked: The Art of Quiet Influence

Hollie Elliott, the executive director of Dallas County Economic Group, says she recommends the book “The Art of Quiet Influence” by Jocelyn Davis. Elliott says the books slows down and talks about the fundamentals of leadership, in contrast to

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