Dispensary owners express concerns over lost revenue, marijuana legalization hits dead-end – WKOW

MADISON (WKOW) — Another legislative session in Wisconsin is set to close without progress on the long-debated issue of marijuana legalization, leaving both Democrats and Republicans at odds over how to proceed.

For years, Democrats have made efforts to legalize recreational marijuana in the state, but this year saw a twist when Republicans proposed a bill to legalize medical marijuana. However, the proposal hit a dead end, with Senate Republicans opposing the inclusion of state-run dispensaries.

Local dispensary owners like Alan Robinson, Co-Owner of Herbal Aspect locations in the Madison area, shared his frustration at the ongoing political stalemate. He said the legislative body is not giving the people what they want. 

Robinson sells CBD and other products containing THC, though at lower levels than recreational marijuana. Robinson said customers report similar effects to those obtained from out-of-state purchases. 

“It’s quite clear that Wisconsinites use cannabis,” Robinson said. “It’s beyond time for our legislators to get up to speed with the people of Wisconsin.”

Democrats criticized the Republican bill for being too restrictive, while Republicans argue that recreational marijuana is a non-starter. Robinson said lawmakers should pass something soon because these products are

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