Dispensary Review: Tommy Chims Smokes Proper Cannabis' Weed – Riverfront Times

click to enlarge PROVIDED BY PROPER CANNABIS Proper’s south county dispensary has a modern apothecary feel.
In retrospect, it’s a little surprising that police dogs were ever even able to smell the subpar pot that dominated the black market back in the day.

That vacuum-packed, seed-filled, so-called “schwag” weed — or “Bobby Brown,” as my group of friends dubbed it — certainly wasn’t anything to look at, smashed into bricks as it was, let alone anything that one would call “aromatic.” And yet I vividly remember sitting in a friend’s kitchen once as he and his dad cut open some tires to free the sealed-up packages within, which had been soaked in mustard so as to keep the K-9’s off the scent.

That memory came to mind as I walked into on a recent sunny afternoon, whereupon I was instantly punched in the face with the absolutely overwhelming smell of high-quality weed. Proper Cannabis was the first group in the state to be granted a license to both cultivate and manufacture medical marijuana under one roof, and while that work doesn’t technically happen at this location, the considerable

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