Dispensary-Specific POS Systems – Trend Hunter

The Flowhub ‘Maui’ POS platform has been launched as the brand’s latest point-of-sale solution that’s focused on keeping cannabis dispensaries efficient.

The system maintains an open and configurable layout that will help operators to increase their profits, while also operating more efficiently and offer superior experiences for customers. The platform accommodates for the ever-changing list of regulations as well as consumer expectations and will run across a range of platforms including Mac, PC and iPad. The system will be available across the brand’s existing markets and will offer an intuitive experience for operators to easily make sense of.

Founder and CEO Kyle Sherman spoke on the Flowhub ‘Maui’ POS platform saying, “With Maui, Flowhub gives full control back to dispensaries. We’ve taken diligent customer feedback to deliver a cutting-edge, mobile-first operating system primed for this multi-billion-dollar industry. We’re here to power the upcoming explosion of innovative retail experiences that sustain healthy cannabis businesses and keep customers returning for more.”

Image Credit: Flowhub

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