Distinctive path: From frustration of war on drugs, to service in Marines, to opening cannabis dispensary, Orduña finds his niche – ROI-NJ.com

Osbert Orduña, a service-disabled veteran entrepreneur, toured 50 cannabis dispensaries before laying the groundwork to launch his own in Jersey City. Many of those locations had been informed by all of the most sound business models, metrics and modalities …

None had been informed by a late-night police frisk outside a public housing complex in New York City — an experience Orduña first had at the age of 13.

It was an experience Orduña would have many times in his life. He was part of what he calls the “collateral damage,” to borrow a military term, in the war on drugs, as a Latino who grew up in the Black and brown communities targeted most frequently in that war.

“After that first time, just sitting on a bench in front of where I lived, it became a regular occurrence,” he said. “On the way to the bodega to pick up a carton of milk, walking to school, the train station, wherever. A broad net was cast, and we were caught in it for no reason at all. Our crime was being poor people of color in the projects.”

The folks who owned the recreational and

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