Doctors Recommend Cannabis to Help With These Health Issues

Here’s where medical cannabis is incredibly effective, according to experts.

The use of marijuana as medical treatment is becoming more accepted in mainstream society, and many doctors are recommending it be legalized on a federal level. “Used responsibly, marijuana can be a powerful and important tool in a healthy lifestyle,” says Kenneth R. Weinberg, MD. “And it is a vastly better alternative to the drug scourges eating away at our society. For thousands of years the many uses of cannabis have been woven into societies around the world. There has never been a documented overdose. Meanwhile, a growing body of research proves that cannabis is an effective tool in safely treating ailments that are now being treated with opioids and in fact, it is being shown to help wean patients off narcotics. As a doctor, I’ve seen these results.” (NOTE: Do not take any drug or medication unless discussed with your doctor.) Here are five health issues marijuana can help with, according to experts. Read on—and to ensure your health and the health of others, don’t miss these Sure Signs.

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