Don’t Be a Heat Score: 7 Products to Help Keep Your Smoking Subtle

CANNABIS CULTURE –  Stuck somewhere you’re not supposed to be smoking? These six products will help you keep your sesh low profile.

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The Smokebuddy has been a staple in our headshop for years. A well loved customer favorite, this product is the most important to have in your smoke-busting arsenal. Not only does this product help prevent odors, it actually helps prevent the smoke particles from being in the air! 

This product is best paired with bong tokes, so you can take all the smoke into your lungs and filter it through the Smokebuddy. Joints will still have drifting smoke between tokes, so if you’re trying to be super sneaky keep this in mind!

2. Cannabolish Odor Eliminating Spray

Odor Removing sprays are great for an after-sesh refresh! Cannabolish takes it to the next level by using natural oils, specifically selected to help counter the smell of cannabis. For your convenience, this product is also available in travel size!

Cannabolish Odor

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