Don’t Travel with Cannabis

Marijuana is illegal in most countries in the world, is federally illegal in the United States, and is highly regulated even in the U.S. states that allow it. Hemp laws are all over the place in the U.S. and are often just as bad as marijuana laws internationally. It goes without saying that it’s a bad idea to travel with cannabis. Today I’ll look at a few key examples of why traveling with cannabis – as well as other substances – is likely to lead to some serious issues.

Traveling with CBD oil

Over the years, I’ve spoken to a number of publications (like the Atlantic and Weedmaps) about the trouble of traveling with cannabis (including hemp-derived CBD) products. More states have relaxed their rules on flying with cannabis, and in 2019 the TSA even kind of relaxed the rules a bit. Here are some examples from just 2019 (a really bad year to travel with CBD if you ask me):

The Canadian government announced that it was illegal to fly into Canada (where marijuana is now federally legal) with CBD A Canadian woman reportedly faced a potential lifetime ban on entry into the U.S. for entering with CBD

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