Dr Frank’s Reality Check (5 Myths about Cannabis Debunked)

CANNABIS CULTURE –  For a plant that has caused no deaths via overdose when used on its own, cannabis has certainly faced more than its unfair share of demonization.

Yet, it wasn’t until the 1940s that cannabis was taken out of all the medical and pharmacotherapy textbooks. Until relatively recently, cannabis was considered to have significant medical value by many people and cultures throughout the world. This started to change around the early 1900s, when cannabis started to become associated with brown-skinned laborers of Indian or Latin origin, black jazz musicians and anyone thought of as “non-conformist” (i.e. beatniks and hippies, although this was more in the post-WWII period).

In this time, there’s been a lot of myth-making surrounding cannabis. Many of these myths were and are based on propaganda rather than science, or over-extrapolate/jump to conclusions based upon a small grain of truth. We shall go over the most common ones, in no particular order of importance …

“Cannabis causes cancer”

This is a very confusing issue for many people. How can something be both a treatment and a cause of cancer? One of the most common reasons cited is the smoking of cannabis. Whilst this makes sense intuitively

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