Drive-thru weed? Sunland Park loosens rules on cannabis shops – Las Cruces Sun-News

SUNLAND PARK – City councilors amended Sunland Park’s cannabis ordinance Tuesday night, reducing the minimum distance between dispensaries and schools or daycare centers and opening the way for drive-thru purchases at licensed retail locations.

Councilors also voted down a proposal to allow dispensaries to operate up to 24 hours daily, after hearing numerous objections, stated in English and Spanish, from residents, the city’s police department and even one dispensary owner.

Intertwined with El Paso, Sunland Park borders Texas, where cannabis remains illegal except for limited medicinal purposes. New Mexico legalized cannabis for adults age 21 and over last year, and commercial sales regulated by a new state agency opened on April 1. Dispensaries near the Texas line are positioned to capitalize on prohibition in the neighboring state.