Drug Safe Utah Releases Radio Ad Opposing Pending Medical Marijuana Law

As election season approaches, the battle is heating up over Utah’s Proposition 2, a ballot initiative to legalize medical cannabis. A powerful coalition of anti-legalization groups including the Utah Medical Association and Drug Safe Utah have drawn aside the LDS Church to launch a coordinated campaign to tank Prop. 2. Throughout, proponents of medical cannabis legalization have accused opponents of spreading misinformation and misleading Utah voters about the measure. And today, they took their criticism to the next level, filing an official election complaint over Drug Safe Utah’s latest radio ad opposing Prop. 2.

Drug Safe Utah Airs False and Misleading Radio Ad About Prop. 2, Group Claims

Drug Safe Utah’s radio ad begins by telling listeners about an “important message about Proposition 2”. At the start, we hear a voice who identifies himself as Dr. Bill Hamilton. Hamilton is the President of the Utah Medical Association, an active and vocal opponent of medical cannabis legalization. The ad does not identify Hamilton’s affiliation.

Over a melancholic background of piano music, Hamilton begins by telling voters that Proposition 2, literally a “Medical Marijuana Initiative” isn’t actually about medical cannabis, but recreational use. Then Dr. Hamilton says medical marijuana is already legal

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