Dutchie fixes the all-cash conundrum at legal dispensaries – The American Genius

Dutchie, an Oregon-based point of sale platform for cannabis, announced a new payment system today – one that will permit customers to use credit or debit cards for both online purchases and in-store checkouts.

The payment system promises to cut down on a multitude of issues that accompany the current cash model used by dispensaries across the country.

Despite being legal in some capacity in 37 states, cannabis is still not legal on the federal level.

This prevents dispensaries from being able to accept any forms of payment other than cash, which presents both logistical and safety issues for customers and employees alike.

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Robberies of these cash-only enterprises are common, and sometimes fatal; in Washington, an employee was shot and killed during a robbery at World of Weed.

Customers are similarly at an increased risk of being targeted by thieves while at dispensaries. As such, they’re less likely to have enough cash on hand to make large bulk orders the way they might with a more secure payment option, like a credit card.

From a practical angle, cash transactions also prove to be a hindrance for customers, both potentially adding to the amount of time

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