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This article was originally published on Dutchie and appears here with permission.

The second most popular cannabis holiday, 710, is approaching—and it’s particularly near and dear to the hearts of cannabis enthusiasts. But unlike 420, the origins of which can be traced back to “The Waldos” in 1970s San Rafael, California, 710 was born on social media—specifically, Reddit and Instagram.

The impact of 710 on cannabis retailers

Often thought of as a more specific version of 420 tailored to concentrate consumers, 710’s date of origin is largely unknown, although it can be traced to the 710 Cup. The 710 Cup was a contest for oil users that first took place in 2012; today, these contests take place annually and have spread throughout the US and Canada.

Regardless of how 710 came to be, one thing remains clear: oil lovers and concentrate consumers will be on the lookout for deals on their favorite products. As a cannabis retailer, you have the opportunity to build the excitement for the 710 holiday in a number of different ways.

How to boost revenue with coupons, specials, and more on 710

Start with posting a Specials board at least several days in advance with upcoming promotions. These should be posted a

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