Effort By Town To Opt Out Of Dispensaries Fails To Pass – Jamestown Post Journal


The Dunkirk Town Board voted 3-2 in June in favor of crafting an opt out law required for local municipalities that do not wish to have marijuana dispensaries in its town or village.

Passing the law requires holding a public hearing, which the town did Tuesday afternoon. However, after hearing from the public, the board flipped its decision.

The Dunkirk Town Board came to a 2-2 voting split, which means that the town will not move forward with the law, as doing so would have required three votes. Councilman Jay Bishop was not allowed to vote, as he attended the meeting over video conference, while New York state recently changed its regulations to not allow members attending meetings over video to vote.

A handful of members of the public showed up, with three of them showing their support for the town of Dunkirk to have dispensaries, with those in favor using personal examples as to why they feel this way.

“I have a young daughter,” said resident Mike Miller, “and when I attended her mandatory freshman high school drug informational class, I never knew that on the street level, marijuana is being laced

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