Elections 2022: Cannabis Ballot Measures

Election season is coming. This means that cannabis ballot measures, initiatives, initiated proposals, legislative proposals, etc. are moving to the fore.

I won’t set out to explain the differences among the several state protocols. You’d leave. In the cannabis context, suffice it to say that “ballot measures” are somehow convoluted and dramatic all at once. Most years, we have a bunch of them scattered nationwide.

This blog post explains what various, alphabetically-ordered states may get up to this November. Please note that I won’t canvas the local proposals, other than to point out where a city or county may be allowed to opt out of a new state program. But first:

I’m a little sour on late-stage cannabis ballot measures. One reason is that most of the 21 states that allow citizen-initiated ballot initiatives already have made their runs at cannabis. What’s left is less impactful change in trailing jurisdictions. A second reason is that many cannabis initiatives are poorly designed, often due questionable motives (e.g. brought by for-profit actors, or to forestall meaningful reform). A third reason, and perhaps most significant, is the recent, anti-democratic spate of wins enjoyed by prohibitionist officials and special interest groups. These parties have

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