Elmira College Partners with Green Flower for Cannabis Certificate Programs

New York’s Elmira College is partnering with cannabis education company Green Flower to offer three online cannabis certificate programs, WETM reports. The programs include Cannabis Cultivation Specialist, Cannabis Retail Specialist, and Cannabis Extraction and Product Development Specialist. 

Each certification costs $800 when paid in full, but students may also choose a payment plan option. Each program takes nine weeks to complete. Financial aid is not available because cannabis remains outlawed federally.  

Daniel Kalef, chief growth officer at Green Flower, told WETM that the programs are “designed to train people to get jobs in the industry right away.” 

“One thing we’ve seen is that typically, rates and wages are about 20% higher in the cannabis industry compared to something similar in another industry, which is really fantastic. When you get to management levels in any of these areas, six figures is not uncommon at all.” — Kalef to WETM 

Kalef added that the cannabis industry is “the fastest growing job market in the country” but that turnover in the industry is “tremendous, because too many people come in not knowing anything really.”   

With the Elmira partnership, Green Flower has partnerships with at least

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