Essex PZC Researching Cannabis Dispensary Regulations –

By By Aaron Rubin • 05/31/2022 01:15 p.m. EST

The Essex Planning & Zoning Commission (PZC) is currently deliberating on the local regulations that will govern the potential opening of cannabis dispensaries in town.

The PZC began conversations on regulations when the state began discussing the eventual legalization of marijuana in Connecticut last year, according to Carey Duques, land use official for the PZC. The first action taken by the PZC was the implementation of a moratorium on accepting applications for opening cannabis dispensaries for medical and recreational use. The moratorium went into effect after a town meeting on Dec. 7, 2021, and will expire on Dec. 31, 2022.

According to Duques, the PZC implemented a moratorium on applications to perform research on the best actions to take for regulating the sale and zoning of cannabis in town, following the lead of the state and the research and regulatory actions of towns across the state.

The PZC formed the Cannabis Subcommittee with three PZC members, Duques, and PZC Attorney Larry Shipman. The subcommittee has held multiple meetings since Dec. 21 to discuss what should be the best route to take for the regulation of cannabis sales.

“We’ve met to have conversations on

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