Ethereal Gold Dispensary Aims to Grow Presence of Self-Serve Cannabis Kiosks – Shepherd Express

In this age of growing self-service options, consumers can use automated self-serve kiosks for everything from purchasing a beverage to checking in for a flight at an airport. Now add purchasing cannabis products to that list. 

Ethereal Gold Dispensary’s (237 Harrison Ave., Waukesha) automated self-serve kiosks program dispenses cannabis and mushroom products that are legal in Wisconsin. Bill Fuchs, who owns Ethereal Gold Dispensary with his sons, Michael and Erik, is aware of only three other cannabis kiosks in the entire state.

Their most current branding and kiosk model is available for 24/7 sales in the vestibule of the dispensary. They also have self-serve cannabis kiosks at Brookfield Square (95 N. Moorland Rd., Brookfield) and Salty Toad bar and restaurant, 921 Friedman Drive, Waukesha. Their kiosks are custom-wrapped with speakeasy-themed graphics that tie in with the dispensary’s décor.

They have a fourth machine in the dispensary that will be placed in a yet-to-be-determined location. Bill says they want to partner with more businesses to expand the self-serve kiosks to additional locations throughout Waukesha and Milwaukee counties.

Age Surveillance

The machines have a sophisticated age verification system and are monitored by surveillance cameras. The specific operation process varies slightly by

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