Ethereal Gold Dispensary Launches Vending Machine Program – Shepherd Express

Ethereal Gold Dispensary announced on Thursday that they have launched a legal cannabis vending machine program. These vending machines will be located in select venues with federally and state legal products, such as cannabis edibles, vapes, and other cannabis products.

The machines are not your typical vending machines, as they include age verification technology to ensure that only those of legal age can purchase products. The new initiative will provide consumers with a more convenient and efficient way to acquire products without having to visit Ethereal Gold Dispensary during store hours or wait for shipping.

The program is also designed to support communities affected by the war on drugs, with Ethereal Gold Dispensary’s “It’s the Right Thing to Do” donation program. All products purchased from these vending machines will contribute to this program, as well as promote consumer safety and compliance.

According to Bill Fuchs, Ethereal Gold Dispensary’s company president, the legal cannabis vending machines provide consumers with a new and exciting way to purchase their desired products. He further explained that this is a significant step towards customer convenience and enhancing their experience, especially as many products available from other businesses are likely not full-panel tested, which can

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